Update for our Queensland Competitors


Update for our Queensland Competitors

As you maybe aware Department of Primary Industries are implementing compliance audits throughout NSW to ensure all Queensland stock owners have carried out the correct requirements for entry to NSW.


We appreciate that these events should run to programme without interruption.

Our compliance audits will be conducted on entry or in parking areas of the complex with little or no bother to entrants.


However, if a Queensland stock owner was allowed entry to the grounds and through our compliance audits we discover they had not met the requirements the situation could be vastly different. Eg: this person has committed an offence under the stock diseases act 1923. An interview and further investigation would be conducted.

(Worst case scenario if cattle ticks were found, the grounds may be quarantined under the stock diseases act 1923).

This would cause major interruptions with all stock to under go treatment in order to leave the grounds at the expense of the event organiser/competitors.

This is one scenario none of us want to endure and with some simple guidelines

it can be prevented. Here are a few things you might like to review before your next event.

  • Gate staff could ask to view crossing papers of vehicles with Qld rego before letting them on the grounds.
  • Records of all competitors’ details kept on file.
  • Stables and camping registers compiled.
  • Newsletters and entry forms could carry a short message about QLD to NSW stock requirements.
  • All Queensland entrants must comply with treatment requirements to enter NSW or not be allowed entry.
  • Competitors must make an appointment 24 hours before arriving at a border treatment facility. All bookings to be made through Kirra (07)55364714 fax (07)55361290.
  • For more information call Kirra Yards (07)55364714 or online http://www.dpi.au/agriculture/livestock/health/specific/cattle/ticks/moving-horses-qld-nsw


Please let me know if I can be of further assistance to you.

Don’t hesitate to call 0429039050


Kind Regards,

Paul Veares

Supervising Regulatory Officer

Download the cattle tick do’s & Don’t brochure below

dpi tick 2007 brochure

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